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Conversion Optimierung
Conversion Optimierung

How I can help you with conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is a broad field in online marketing and is intended to increase the conversion rate.
The optimisation measures will then enable success to be better measured and more clearly understood.
Future adjustments can then be implemented more easily.
I can offer you help in the technical implementation and in understanding your goals.

To increase your sales.

What all falls under the area of conversion optimization?

Every website should have one or more goals that you as the owner want to pursue and achieve.
These goals can be the sale of a product, the download of PDFs or the use of the contact form. This results in a wide range of possibilities and approaches to determine or precisely measure the conversion rate.
In principle, however, the overriding goal is to increase sales and maximize profits.

What are the areas of conversion optimization?

In the following areas I can help with optimisation and improvement.

  • Shopping cart & Checkout
  • Website Performance
  • content, layout & design

What methods are there for improvement?

By understanding your goals, you can develop these measurements and strategies to improve them afterwards.
These can be technical adjustments to improve the performance of the website.
Or identify ways to optimize the process of closing a sale.
It is also possible to improve the content and design by using A/B tests.

Conversion optimization - Online Shopping

This results in the following possibilities, among others:

  • Collecting data for analysis.
  • Identification of targets.
  • Technical implementations to measure and then optimize goals.
  • Support to make your website “faster”.
  • The technical implementation of A/B tests, the execution and subsequently the determination of the result.