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I help when it comes to web analytics, tag management and reporting.

Optimize your digital channels with me, save time and resources, measure the success and thereby increase your digital performance.

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You have a problem - I can help!

If you want to do better online marketing with your website, but have problems in one of the following areas, I can help you. Let your website visitors become customers.


Web analytics

Google Analytics, Matomo or another tracking system of your choice. Trackingninja helps you find, implement and optimize.

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization

I help you to recognize conversion goals on the website, to measure them and then to build success on them.

Tag management

Tag management

I am familiar with tag management solutions and optimize existing set-ups. This saves you time and resources.



I can provide support on website tracking, tag implementation, reporting and A / B testing.


Websitedaten sind kostbar

Website data can help

There are good reasons to collect and evaluate the data. Let yourself be supported and identify the weak points of your website. Measure clear goals that bring you forward and increase the user satisfaction of your visitors.

Identify weak points

A good website gives visitors the information they need – quickly and easily.

Measure goals

Use tracking to measure whether a user meets the website’s goals.

Increase user satisfaction

Understand how a user behaves on your website. Get an overview.

Find out why it is worth collecting website data

Everyone should know the five reasons why investing in proper website tracking is worthwhile.
What do you need and what are the steps to get started?

Tracking tips from the blog

5 reasons why it pays to invest in website tracking.

Everyone should know the five reasons why it is worth investing in tracking the website. Why does it make sense, what do you need and which steps are necessary to […]

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