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Data driven analytics & actionable insights!

Analytics Audit

Over 100 points are tested
Includes data protection check
Increases the quality of your web data and helps to improve marketing performance

Web site data can be used to measure your marketing activities or improve user satisfaction.
But only if they are “clean” and adapted for the purpose.
An analytics audit ensures that this data is recorded more accurately and in a targeted manner.
This allows you to make full use of the web tracking tool of your choice and achieve the best results.

Marketing activities around the website

An Analytics Audit, no matter if it is a Google Analytics Audit or a Matomo Audit, helps to improve the website content.
Also all marketing activities around the own website are included and therefore more comprehensible, i
especially the user behaviour of potential and existing customers.
Because it is precisely these visitors who, through their surfing behaviour, reveal what the usage and performance of the individual channels is like.

Many companies and small businesses have installed tracking on their websites. But they do not use it for analysis. So they don’t even know their data.

Understanding Website Tracking

Would you like to understand what data you collect and how you can use it?
Let’s find out together!
I provide you with tips and help.

How well do you know the data of your website?

Many companies do not even know the content of their website data. Also a large number of them have never thought about whether these data are correct.
And on closer inspection, you often find that there is definitely a need for optimization.

For example, mistakes are usually made during the implementation of Google Analytics and the data is distorted as a result.
However, website data can be a basis for future decisions and should therefore be accurate.

What can go wrong?

Before a proper website tracking is available, you should think about the website and its goals.
How do you want to collect the data and what do you need to consider? Just embedding the tracking script of the provider into the page is simply not enough here.
Website tracking is already available? The question is how long ago it was implemented and does it still fit?
Because it is quite possible that it no longer works or only works to a limited extent.

Is all relevant data collected or does it need to be optimized?

Also the collection of too little data or the not collection has effects.
Ignorance restricts the reporting basis and thus, ultimately, important elements of the report are missing.

Data protection is also an issue

When collecting web data, there are a few points to consider.
What is allowed is best assessed by legal advice. I can determine for you whether sensitive data is being collected. The subsequent decision as to where there is a need for discussion and optimisation lies with the website operator.

I keep finding out that sensitive data is being saved.
If something like this happens, you need to find the source of the error and adjust the tracking.
Then it is necessary to clean up already saved data records.

Is data protection an issue for you?

Let us advise you now and have your web analytics data checked.
I check the existing analytics data. If sensitive data is found, I will give you specific suggestions for solutions.

Which mistakes can occur?

  • Events / happenings are not or unconsciously recorded
  • Custom Dimensions & Custom Metrics are not available
  • Implemented filters do not work as desired
  • What about the data of existing customers? Can these be recorded in the data?
  • No content grouping / grouping by content or channel grouping has been defined
  • The configuration has deficiencies
  • Missing plug-ins and non-existent product links limit the collection of data
  • Internal traffic is part of reports
  • Incorrect or non-existent e-commerce tracking
  • Collection of irrelevant or unauthorised user data
Google Analytics Audit - Title

The existing implementation is meticulously examined in over 100 points

The Analytics Audit includes, among other things, checking the account, the settings and structure of the Google Analytics account, the properties and views it contains. You do not use Google Analytics? Even then I can help.
In addition, the data already recorded from your tracking is analysed and checked. Another point is the technical implementation.

This and other points of the more than 100-point analytics audit are checked and documented.

Discuss the need for action

The audit shows in its result where there is a need for action. A document containing the recommendations will be prepared for this purpose.
At the final meeting we will clarify what needs to be done.

What happens after the Analytics Audit?

The technical know-how is not available or the resources are simply missing?
The necessary optimizations and adjustments can then be implemented jointly as required.
In addition, developers and analysts are supported and advised in case of questions.
The aim is to increase the quality of the data and improve the performance of marketing through the website tracking audit.

Arrange a meeting for an Analytics Audit

A preliminary talk for the Analytics Audit is free of charge and without obligation. In it the basic points and objectives are jointly recorded.
However, the full need for action is ultimately revealed by the audit.
Finally, solutions are sought and it is defined how these are achieved.

If you are interested or have the need for an audit for Google Analytics or Matomo Web Tracking, I would be happy to talk to you about this.

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