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Support & Consulting

Support for existing implementations and regular adjustments are also part of my work.

So that you have time for other tasks.

Possible areas for support and consulting

Do you already know what you need or do you already have a concrete idea of what you need but have not yet implemented it?
There is often a lack of time and resources to deal with issues such as

  • Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Maintenance of the tracking

…to deal with it.
I can help you with this.

How I can support you with reporting

The data is available but the analysis is missing?
I will be happy to create a dashboard tailored to your project, which you can use to check your goals and KPIs.
Of course, you will receive the finished report by mail or you can call it up independently at any time.

A/B-Test – A good help to optimize the website

Which color for the button works best in your web shop? How should the landing page be designed so that the customer also reads the content? These and similar questions can be answered.
According to your instructions, I will prepare for you the necessary A/B tests to answer these questions.

A/B test

Maintenance of tracking and answering questions

Technologies and engineering are constantly evolving. This also applies to website tracking and tag management.
What happens exactly? Where are there innovations to be considered and how can you benefit from them?
I have the answers to your questions.
I will be happy to answer any questions that may arise, manage the tracking setup and inform you about interesting news in the areas of web analytics and A/B testing.

Would you like to take time for a consultation?

In the meantime some questions have certainly arisen.
Let us discuss them together. I will gladly take the time to discuss your topics together with you.

Do not be afraid and contact me!